Bethel Recreation Team Picture Process:

This year Bethel Recreation has modified its team picture procedures to streamline the process for everyone involved including parents, coaches, photographers and Bethel Recreation staff.  Bethel Rec. will schedule the dates, times and facilities for all the team pictures and will strive to accommodate all teams.

Each sports season at least two dates will be available for coaches to schedule their pictures. The locations may not be at the team's own game facility as games are at various locations. Coaches will need to schedule pictures around their game times, preferably before games, leaving parents enough time to travel to their games and/or practices.

Bethel Recreation has contracted with one photography company this year; Class Act Portraits.  Coaches will only be able to schedule pictures with this company during scheduled photo times.  

If teams do not want to use this company, they may use another company but cannot schedule their pictures during Bethel Recreation's games or practices. Teams may use another location for their pictures such as a local park.

Teams are not obligated to take team pictures.  Bethel Rec. is offering this opportunity as a service to our teams.

Why should teams use Bethel Recreation contracted photographers?

The contracted photography company will provide Bethel Rec. teams with two low cost picture packages.  This cost is far less than what most companies charge for the same packages. Also, this company will donate 20% of their total sales to Bethel Recreation for our program for scholarships and program improvements.

How do I sign my team up for pictures:

Coaches, please contact our photographer directly.  You can either sign up on-line, by phone or by email.  Their contact information is listed below.

Class Act Portraits

                                                                             Phone: 253-569-1162  Email: 



Any Questions: 

Contact: Jolie Moxley, Bethel Recreation Director

Phone: 253-683-5940



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